Book Review: Fate’s Plan by JA Low (Spoiler-Free)

So, today I’m reviewing Fate’s Plan by JA Low. I got this book from Give Me Books on Facebook for my honest review. You’ll be getting that today. It is being released today and the links will be down below for you to purchase it.

Lilly Simpson’s life hasn’t turned out the way she planned,
especially her fiancé. She’s on the first plane out of Africa and back home to
a family she’s missed the last couple of years.But what she wasn’t expecting when she arrived home was a hot, naked, Italian
man in her living room, instead of her sister.Guess I should stop staring at his …Luca Fiorenzo has lived by his family’s rules all his life. Until the person he
was supposed to spend forever with betrays him. So to hell with the

But what he wasn’t expecting when he booked a cottage in the middle of nowhere
Scotland was a cute, awkward brunette, who just wouldn’t stop looking at his

Guess I should put my pants on then.

*** This is a standalone novella ***



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Author Bio
JA Low lives in Sydney, Australia. When she’s not writing
steamy scenes, she’s tending to her husband and two sons, and dreaming up the
next epic romance. Jess is the author of the Dirty Texas series and the Bratva
Jewels series.
Author Links

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. It seemed different from the rest of JA Low’s works and I don’t know if that was a good thing for me or not. I did enjoy it, but there was just something that was off for me. It could have entirely been the fact that I had read 5-6 romance novels before that without a break. I still recommend it but I didn’t rate it nearly as high as I have rated the rest of her works that I have read.

The characters in this were pretty well thought out. I enjoyed the fact that we weren’t sure who the guy was, even though we read from his point of view at parts. We knew he wasn’t who he was saying but we weren’t sure exactly who he was. We found out when the main character did.

I think that the story itself was well thought out, especially for being written in a day. It could have used more editing, but overall it was a decent read. A lot of the issues could have been fixed in editing, and I wouldn’t doubt were.

I feel like the cover and the title both fit really well for the book. There’s a lot of talk about fate and what it’s plan was for our main character. And, of course, the man on the cover is the man in the book. I’ve seen a lot of covers recently that have people on the cover who are different from the description given. It’s nice to know that this one fit, at least enough that it didn’t make it confusing.

Overall, I gave this book 3.5 stars out of 5. It was a really good read, but there was just something off about it that caused me to not be able to give it the 4 stars. I will continue to read anything that JA Low comes out with and attempt to catch up on her past works. I wouldn’t recommend this as your first JA Low, but I would recommend it.

You Can Purchase Here:

Barnes and Noble

There are more places you can buy it listed on the GoodReads page.


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