A Court of Mist and Fury Review (Spoiler-Free and Discussion)

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I was going to have this review up on Monday but I finished the book Sunday morning and had a lot going on Sunday so I didn’t get around to reviewing it. But I’m doing it now!


Starting out with the spoiler-free portion of this, I will just share my thoughts on the writing and my feelings on the actual story. Then I will warn you before going into the spoiler part of this review. I will be discussing my thoughts on specific parts of the story and how the author managed spin the story. Well, let’s get started with the spoiler-free review!

Spoiler-Free Thoughts

Sarah J Maas has become one of my favorite authors and she has been since I read A Court of Thorns and Roses. I adored that book. The writing style in both books is phenomenal. The books themselves are large books (size, not length necessarily) so as I’m reading, I feel like it’s taking forever for me to get through each page, no matter how invested I am or quickly I seem to be reading.


I absolutely adored these two books. I’m mainly focusing on the second in the series because I just finished it but I have to refer to the first a few times, obviously. I absolutely loved this book. Everyone was saying that I would like the second one more and I didn’t think it was possible. But here I am, loving the second. It was so good that I preordered the third as soon as I finished the second. I have only preordered one other book. Sarah J Maas has definitely become an auto-buy author for me. I have yet to read the Throne of Glass series but I have the fourth and the fifth, knowing I’m probably going to love that series also.


There are so many things that I didn’t see coming. I was literally hand over the mouth and figuratively jaw to the floor more times than I can count. Sarah J Maas is just wonderful at creating characters. I feel like every single character was developed enough that you either despised them or loved them. There was no characters that you were left without feelings about. At least, characters that actually had a part in the story. I don’t want to get into those feelings in the spoiler-free portion due to spoilers but if you have read this book, you will definitely hear about them.


I very highly recommend not looking up anything past spoiler-free reviews for this book. I would recommend not reading any comments on anything that is related to these books until you read BOTH. I was almost done with it (I literally had like 20 pages left) and I took a phone break. Of course, I figured I’d join a group on GoodReads for these books. Well, I ended up accidentally reading a comment and it spoiled a pretty big plot point for me. And that ruined the shock of it. Definitely stop reading this now and go buy/borrow A Court of Thorns and Roses. Once you finish A Court of Mist and Fury, then come back and read the rest of this review!

Spoiler Discussion

*Don’t continue if you haven’t read this book!*

Let’s start with characters so I can gush about Rhys. No, you know what, let’s save the High Lord of the Night Court for the end. I need to start by talking about Rhys’ close friends/family. I love how in depth their characters were. They each had their own background stories and problems that they had to deal with. They knew what lines to cross and when. I was literally laughing out loud several times with the interactions between all of them and Rhys. Then toss in Feyre and it gets even better. I adore how close they are and how strong they are together.

Nesta and Elain. Those two fit into their roles so well. Elain was the innocent (or not?) little sister. She knew what was going on but her sisters would risk their lives just to protect her. Both of them have. I definitely enjoyed the fact that at one point Nesta is questioned about why she let her younger sister go out and hunt in the freezing cold while she sat at home. Something I hadn’t noticed until I was sitting here thinking about how much Nesta cares for her sisters is the time that they had some extra money and Nesta got Elain and Feyre gifts. She didn’t spend the money on herself. She got things for her sisters to enjoy. That just goes to show that she always put her sisters first.

Lucien. Freaking Lucien. Ugh. He was supposed to be Feyre’s friend! I understand that he was with Tamlin first but he should have tried harder! Tamlin was in the wrong and he was killing Feyre from the inside out (I’ll complain about that later). Lucien sat there and did NOTHING! He tried to talk Tamlin out of it but that was where it ended! The spoiler I mentioned earlier in this post was that someone talked about Elain and Lucien being mates. The person had said that Lucien changed once he realized that. No! No! NO! He didn’t! He didn’t bother trying to save Feyre! He ran over to Elain and tried comforting her AFTER the fact. Then when they got back to the house, he was still the same! Ugh. Lucien, you better get your head out of your… Ugh. Now, imagine my feelings for Tamlin.


I can’t even begin to choose who I want to talk about first. I know I want to save Rhys for last. I guess I’ll talk about Feyre and her character progression next. Save my stronger feelings for the end. Now, Feyre started out as the tough girl who would hunt so her family could survive in ACOTAR. Then after everything went down with Amarantha, Feyre changed completely. I absolutely LOVE the fact that Maas showed this side of Feyre in such detail. We got to see what in Feyre changed. She stopped painting completely. She stopped imagining what she would paint. She entered rooms and looked for exits immediately. She couldn’t look at colors without comparing them to the innocents that she killed. Then, gradually after leaving the Spring Court, you saw her progress back into her “normal” self. She was noticing colors. She stopped looking for exits as much. She started to become the strong woman she used to be, using her weaknesses as strengths. Oh, and can I just throw in the fact I love how sarcastic she is? She would have to specify when she was meant something. The growth in Feyre makes me love her character. I can’t get over how much she has gone through and overcome. And now she is a character that makes me proud to love her.


I’m going to mix this up a little bit. I’m not going to talk about Tamlin and Rhys separately. I’m going to mix my feelings in with the plot because their characters are HUGE with all the plot stuff so I don’t want to be repeating myself.

You start out loving Tamlin in ACOTAR. You are supposed to dislike Rhys. As soon as Rhys came into the story, I knew I was going to love him. I was going into this book expecting to be torn between Tam and Rhys. Then Tam became Tamlin. Everything he was doing was making me hate him even more. Then, of course, Rhys swoops in and saves Feyre right when we all needed it. Every time. The care that Rhys has for Feyre was showing from the beginning of the fight with Amarantha. I will say that while I was reading ACOMAF, I was thinking about how it seemed that Feyre was moving on quickly, which she was hating herself for. But then everything is all explained! They are mates! It was a natural instinct for her to want him!

Rhys mentioned how when Feyre was still human, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. After their first meeting, Feyre couldn’t stop thinking back to him either. Then she became a fairy and she started to fall for him. It all makes sense. Everything was so thoroughly thought out by Maas. It shocked me. There was one part in particular that I keep remembering. When Rhys was explaining everything to Feyre, he mentions the painting on her drawer on the dresser. A tiny little detail that we as readers are meant to overlook until this point! I was shocked. The thought and planning behind this book makes me realize that I’ll never be that great of a writer.

In case you didn’t realize, I gave this 5 out of 5 stars.

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I loved this book. If I read faster, I would definitely reread this series. But I’m a super slow reader so I’d rather read more books that I haven’t yet. But I do know that if I want to read a book I know I’ll love, I’ll read these. Now time to crack into Throne of Glass!


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