Book Review: Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore (Semi-Spoiler)

I would recommend not reading this review if you don’t want minor spoilers!

Beautifully Damaged by LA Fiore

Alright. This book. Ugh. This book. I got about halfway through it (I don’t remember exactly how far I was because I forgot to record it before I “returned” it on Amazon). I was not feeling this book at all. I was listening to it on audio and I definitely DNF-ed it. It just wasn’t my thing.

This was a story of a young woman, Ember, who lives in NYC that goes out with her best friend one night to meet that friend’s new love interest. While there, under interesting circumstances, she ends up meeting playboy Trace. And as expected, they fall in love. But, Trace doesn’t seem to want to open up to Ember about his past. What happened that made this beautiful man so damaged?

Now, let’s start with the characters. Ember, the main female, was just annoyingly ignorant. She went to dangerous places and was shocked when drunk men tried to pick her up. No, it shouldn’t be happening to begin with but I’m not getting into that debate on this review. She’s an attractive lady going to shady bars with her friend then getting ditched (this isn’t much of a spoiler, it happens right in the beginning). I just couldn’t deal with it. So, that turned me off from this book just a bit.

Then there was her friend who I just wanted to backhand every time she popped up. I knew as soon as her friend showed up, that she would do something stupid. It did seem realistic to me, though. I can’t complain because it worked for the story, I guess. But it was another thing that made me not want to continue. But I still pushed through.

Then there’s Trace. Ugh. Trace. Let me tell you right now, if you don’t like men that pretty much treat the woman as his property, I wouldn’t read this. He showed up whenever he wanted and wherever. I understand that his showing up at the beginning multiple times was necessary for the plot but come on. They were in what, NYC. How likely is it that you’ll run into the same guy seventeen times, all coincidental?

Now! Onto plot. Ugh! Double ugh! I expect it to be predictable. It’s tough for me to find a book that actually surprises me anymore. And it’s a romance. I go into them expecting to guess all the “surprises.” But come on! How predictable can you get?! Shy virgin girl goes to a bar, punches a guy, saved by handsome rich playboy. They fall in love. He’s “beautifully damaged” and, let me guess, she fixes him. I’m just assuming, I mean, I never finished this book. Oh, and did I mention it’s part of a series?

It just got to a point where I couldn’t stand the dragging any longer and I had lost complete interest. Even listening to this on 1.5x and 2.0x speed, it just dragged on and on. I would have put this down so much sooner if I had actually been reading it.

I can definitely see why people would enjoy this. I feel if you were a fan of Fifty Shades, you’d probably enjoy this. If you want a similar kind of read, go for it. It just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t a fan. I gave this a 2-star rating out of 5. Like I said, I understand why someone would enjoy this. I did not, though. P.s. If you have any romance recommendations that is not like Fifty Shades, let me know. I love myself a cute little romance, but I did not like this book or Fifty Shades.


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