My Heart and Other Black Holes Spoiler Free Review

My Heart and Other Black Holes

I just finished reading My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. This is the story of a girl who wants to commit suicide but keeps putting it off for one reason or another. She finds a group on a website she uses called “Suicide Partners” and she decides that’s exactly what she needs.

I really enjoyed this story. Its outlook on depression was interesting. I didn’t read the author’s note but because it started on the page opposite of the last page of the book, I caught a glimpse of it. Warga started writing this book during a dark time in her life and I think that definitely shows in the book. As I was reading it, I could was wondering what the author had gone through that caused her to be able to write how a girl viewed the world while depressed. I absolutely ADORED the fact that Warga showed that just because someone doesn’t seem depressed or fit the “stereotype” for someone who is depressed, doesn’t mean that it can’t hit them just as hard.

If I remember correctly, this is Warga’s debut novel. I will definitely be checking out more by her when they are released. Now onto the next one!

Let me know your thoughts of this book if you have read it or if you are planning on reading it. I am most active on my Instagram but you can contact me through Twitter or email also! I can be found on Instagram at mandababycakes712, Twitter at mandababycakes7, or email me at

Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you all!

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